Lent 2023

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Our activities of Lent will build toward a glorious Easter service.

Sometimes we wait.  We just wait. And wait. Maybe something will happen?

Jesus will walk with us through whatever kind of Lenten day we are having. The lovely one. The garbage one. The one that barely seems like it counted at all. As we toggle through every kind of emotion—boredom, devastation, happiness, irritation—we want to say: bless this Lent. Your invitation is to bless whatever this season is actually bringing you. So let’s stop waiting. This is the one we have.

Bless it all since it is what we actually have... Let's explore it together.


Ash Wednesday - February 22nd, 6pm - Worship in sanctuary

Maundy Thursday - April 6th, 5:30pm - Meal outside (weather permitting)

Good Friday - April 7th, noon-6pm - Come and Go prayer/meditation options

Easter - April 9th, 9am - Egg Hunt

Easter - April 9th, 10am - Worship Service with hat/bonnet parade

Lent begins 40 days before Easter on Ash Wednesday, February 22nd but please start on any day with the reflections in the link below.  

NOTE: References and images above are from "The Lives We Actually Have". It is the optional companion book to the reflections in the link below.

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Lent 2023

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