Community Care

We provide a safe space for weekly and daily Alcoholic Anonymous groups.

Mission Nutrition. This is a once-a-month meal delivery for those in the congregation who are struggling with illness, food scarcity, and/or unable to leave their homes.

Knitting and Crochet ministry. This ministry provides prayer squares and prayer shawls to provide loving support and physical representation of prayer to those who have concerns and joys.

Saturday Workdays happen once a month. This is not only a time to work on the property needs but a great time of fellowship.

Other care needs and concerns are met by:

Pastoral care which includes one on one meetings with Rev. Jenny Wynn.

Elders provide communion and visit with those unable to leave their homes, support their flocks, offer leadership in the church, and serve regularly in worship.  

Membership committee seeks to welcome new individuals and helps to connect members and visitors within the church community.

Fellowship committee helps us to celebrate as a community around communal meals and other activities, including fellowship after worship.