Building Gratitude and Generosity Together

October 22, 2023

Building Gratitude and Generosity Together

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First Christian Church Scottsdale will celebrate 60 years in God's service in February 2024. Beginning September 24th and through October, we will be reflecting on all of the good things God is doing within and through our faith community now and into the future.

We invite you to join us in giving thanks for all the resources —spiritual, physical, and financial — that support this indispensable work.   We will reflect on our gratitude in How We Worship, in Our Sacred Spaces, in Our Programs and in Our Community Engagement.  On October 22nd, we'll bring our commitments on Giving Sunday. Together, we’ll fill out the cards; and together, we’ll celebrate God’s beautiful gift of “Building Gratitude and Generosity Together".

And as we look ahead, you’ll find some special resources below to help us identify the gifts we can share with the church. We especially appreciate your generosity because we know that means you have found something that touches you in a way that makes your giving worthwhile to YOU!


1.  Below, please find "The Giving Chart" if you need help considering your financial commitment to the work of the people and our hopes for the future. Some tithe, committing 10 percent of their income to the ministry and missions of our church. Others give proportionally by committing a certain percentage. Still, others give as they are able. What matters is that each person spends some time in thought and prayer to decide how they can be a part of our church going all in!

2. If you would like to support the ministries of FCCS you can fill out a giving card here, consider options of volunteering your time or to complete your giving commitment online at

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Building Gratitude and Generosity Together

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